How Million Dollar Businesses Always Effortlessly Attract, Retain And Maximise Top Class Human Capital
Without Having To Replace Them At Each
And Every Stage Of Business Growth

And How You Can Too, Whilst Actually Having An
Amazing Vacation Doing It!

Dear friend
This headline contains a bold claim I know.
And I will show you how you can achieve all that and more in this letter.
But I want to start with something that we all know to be true.

Human capital is the biggest cause of stress, anxiety, money and time loss
for most fast growth businesses.

All of which leaves business owners just like you, with loss of freedom.

And being the business owner, the founder, is hard enough without the headaches of human capital.

If you haven’t had to manage people, hire or fire, train or develop talent before it can feel like you are running a kindergarten where the kids got to the red cordial.

And even if you do have the experience, being the business owner, the boss, it is a different game altogether.

The constant cycle of spending all the time finding them, training and developing them only for them to leave you for a bigger, brighter business.

It’s frustrating and disappointing.

But you can’t continue to blame your staff, blame the candidates or even blame yourself.

It is a lack of time, strategies and systems that are your enemy right now.

If you had the time you could set them up for success, you could build a magnetic culture that immediately keeps them loyal and develops the best in them.

And sure, I know it’s hard finding the time.

You’re a busy business owner, organising your staff, working in the business, speaking to clients and then rushing home to have some time to yourself and your loved ones.

You get back in to work the next day and it all begins again. 
Organising everything, making sure that everyone is on track to meet their targets, preparing sales and rushing through meetings.

It’s no wonder you haven’t got time for yourself.

It seems like everyone depends on you to get things done, like the whole world is riding on your shoulders.

But, you’ve got to ask yourself..

… if you can’t find time soon to change your business and therefore your life, when will you?

And then there is the real kicker…

The difference between a business that turns over one million dollars
 and a business that turns over one hundred million
is often the ability to leverage human capital

Now can you see why attracting, retaining and maximising top class human capital is so important to your business and your personal lifestyle?

And sure you might think…

Can’t I just get someone else to do it for me?
Short answer…

Yes, you can get a recruiter to find you the someone.

But how do you then ensure your businesses training and development gets them to the levels you need them to be.

AND what are the opportunities you have to keep them, what will you be able to do to maximise them?

And of course, there is the burning question.

How much exactly does it cost you each time you have to replace a member of the team?
There are just few factors you need to consider.

First, you are paying recruitment fees of 15%, at least.

So, even if it's a $60,000 role, on average you're still probably looking at $8 - $10,000 fee to simply find them.

PLUS, you've got to add up the downtime.

Who is doing the work whilst the recruiter is trying to find the right person for you?

If you already have staff, they may be carrying too much pressure and stress because they have the extra workload of not having that role filled.

Not so good for staff morale and productivity right…

Or worse even still, you are doing the additional tasks yourself!

How much money is that burning?

How many hours is it adding to your day?

And look, a recruiter can only work from the brief that you give them.

If there is no clear direction and you have thrown something together fast, you are only going to get what they fill from your directions, regardless of how unaligned to the business the candidate really is.

But there is a different way that you can approach this.

A way you can create a blueprint of strategies and systems to follow each and every time you need to add someone in so you can grow your business fast

A system that ensures that you will be able to build loyalty and develop potential in your team.

I know this to be true because I have used this, day in and day out, in the million-dollar businesses I have built for myself and my clients.

And over the past 19 years I have honed the specific systems and strategies that you need to attract, retain and maximising staff so you can gain the momentum that your business needs, truly leveraging human capital. 

Now, I am helping fast growth business start-ups to get the right human capital in their business so they can leverage it, just like multi-million dollar businesses do.
But without the ridiculous price tag.
It is called the A | R | M program:
ATTRACT Talent | RETAIN Staff | MAXIMISE Productivity and Profits
And it is going to be different to anything you have ever experienced before.
Let me explain.
A | R | M is a revolutionary new system that helps the founders of fast growth start-ups ATTRACT the best possible talent, fast and profitably, RETAIN them in the business, with effective onboard and training, minimising staff turnover and MAXIMISE their potential by creating company cultures that result in higher performance, increased profitability and happier humans 
And it is offered in a weeklong private intensive experience that is limited to an exclusive number of fast growth business owners.

But there is more to it than that…
Before I tell you about that though, let me tell you what is at the core of what we will create so you can get higher performance, increased profitability and happier humans that drive unprecedented growth for your business.
In our Work Well For Wealth, sessions will together to:
- Form the steps you need to take to stop over captialising in your business so that you can grow with an impact to the market and profit to the business at the very same time 
- Re-engage your business and personal self, the best use of your skills, your personal traits and ideation abilities, and incorporate them to influence your ability to be able to retain the right type of staff to the business
- Create your Human Capital Blueprint, plan and execute the exact success strategies your business needs to be able to grow leveraging your team
- Unlock your business three key force questions Why You, Why Now, Why Them, that lead to interactive discussions with the best choice candidates for the role you need to fill
- Build your limitless employer brand, so you can attract the top talent, even steal them away from your competitors
- Develop a solid Employee Success Plan, start new staff to the business effortlessly, without that lag in downtime that costs you money and ensure they are not one of the 65% of people who look at a new job within 91 days of starting
- Develop your own version of the four-step system that allows for long term staff retention. Miss even one of these steps and your turnover will decrease each and every year
- Create your Lead From The Front Legion, incorporating this into the business enables your staff to develop themselves and their skills from the first day that begin working for you!
- Uncover your ‘Freedom Number’ for your business. This is the definitive financial number that gives you the lifestyle you started your business to create
- Re-establish what success really looks like for you, beyond societies conventions, through to true abundance and psychic consciousness
All of this, and more, will be created in our ‘Work Well For Wealth’ sessions…

With no fluff, no boring ‘talk and show theory’.

Just us working directly together to implement my million-dollar maximise systems and strategies for leveraging human potential.

To be clear.
This is not a sit down and listen program. It is specifically designed for you and an intimate group of like minded business owners to roll-up-your-sleeves and get your systems and strategies for leveraging human potential nailed!
And just as importantly as what you will create is where you will create it…
Remember at the beginning I said that you could have a vacation whilst creating this?
Good because I want you to be able to be (somewhat) disconnected from your real world. 

I want you to join me on what is called a Workation.

Part work, part vacation.

(Possibly part tax deduction - speak to your account about this though as this is not financial advice)

Somewhere you are forced to relax and have fun because that is what you need to do to get into your creative space. 

I know if you are at or almost at burn out stage, you are not operating from the right place. 

Meaning you are not operating from the right headspace either, from calm. 

You’re still in overwhelm. 

Plus, I want to reward you for the work that you are going to be doing.

I know that if I give you a taste of what your world could look like when you are leveraging your human potential and able to truly take a break from the business, no phones, no emails, just pure relaxation and exhilaration, then you will give me everything you have got to make it happen in the times we are rolling up our sleeves and getting into it.

So I have taken over own of Bali’s most beautiful private villas on the island right on the beach in Bingin. Between Dreamland and Uluwatu. 

But more about this the location, the adventure and the experiences in a minute.

Stay with me, I promise I will talk about the fun stuff in a moment.

Getting you to relax and reenergise is vital to the success of the program.

But I am also serious about the profits in your business and utilising human capital to drive them, so I need to tell you more about the benefits of the Work, part of the Workation.

The A | R | M Workation is designed with doing time, and implementation. 

And the reason why this Workation is so intimate and exclusive, is I want you to have my direct and personal help.

So that when you leave, all of the work is done.

You don't go learn all these new strategies and then get home and think "Well that was really great, and I really want to do that but I'm back into the world which means I don't have time to do any of it."

You will walk away with this done.  

You might have something that may need to be tweaked but you will have ongoing support and the specifics of that gap is and what you need to do to close it.

And I guarantee you this.

Even if you only get your 80% of the version we create together done, it 500% better than what you walked in with.

You will have created systems and processes to find and keep the best human capital to grow your business.

PLUS, because I am also a business owner so I know that stepping away isn’t always as it sounds, I have you covered.

Each day is scheduled so that you WILL have time to communicate with your team or work on your business. 

I know sometimes these types of events don’t allow that, but I know the pressure it can add in the growth stage of your business when you step away, so I want you to be able to do the essentials of what has to be done.
So here is my offer to you:

Work with me in an exclusive and intimate closed-door event in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

We will create everything that you need to be able to ATTRACT the best possible talent, fast and profitably, RETAIN them in the business, with effective onboard and training, minimising staff turnover and MAXIMISE their potential by creating… …company cultures that result in higher performance, increased profitability and happier humans.

And I will throw in these beautiful incentives, because I know it will help me get the best out of you.

So with you access pass to the A | R | M Workation you will also get

- 9 Nights Accommodation in the real surfers paradise, with stunning brilliant blue ocean views, rare and enchanting resort living including our exclusive porter to service our needs 
- 3 Mouth Wateringly Delicious And Nourishing Meals designed to fuel your body and brain, made for you by our own in-demand chef
Of course, the quintessential Bali Bintang each day 
- Airport Transfers to and from the private villa
- Daily Meditations, created and designed specifically for you based on the world leading programs from Mindvalley
- Daily Yoga, lead by my private instructor, a Yogi and Exercise Physiologist, that I have flown in specially for the ultimate experience.
- Surf Lessons + Board Hire, from the novice to the pro, we have got you covered
- A private tour of the Uluwatu Temple. Let’s experience one of Bali’s six key temples that is renowned for its magnificent location, perched on top of a steep cliff approximately 70 metres above sea level. This spiritual experience includes a Temple Fire Show, which is certainly enough to take a trip to Bali to once in your lifetime
- A night of live music at Cashew Tree, experience one of Bali’s most favourite local music bars
- Sunday Sunset Session at the world famous Single Fin, where you will enjoy the watch the sun go down over the prestigious waves of Uluwatu
- A Private Boat Charter around the stunning Nusa Lembongan island, including a delicious lunch, surfing in the blue, snorkeling or scuba diving within the breathtaking reefs and Bintangs
- Your Max Relax Workation Gift Pack, with surprise inclusions for all things Bali Workation required
- Plus for the Work part of the Workation you will receive Personal Data Sim so you can stay connected to your business & customers

To recap, here's what you'll get with your ticket to the A | R | M Workation:

The COMPLETE Attract | Retain | Maximise System, co-created with you and I, ready for you to implement straight away when you get back that will result in higher performance, increased profitability and happier humans.

PLUS a private room in our exclusive villa, all of your meals professionally catered, your transfer taken care of and all of the amazing experiences that alone are worth the trip to Bali for, from the spiritual temple, to snorkelling, surfing, entertainment, a REAL vacation you will remember for a lifetime. 

So what's all of this going to cost me?

The ticket to the A | R | M event alone retails for $5,000 USD 

Add in a week in Bali, your meals and the personalised experiences and it's over a $5,000 in value.

But you're not going to pay that.
For a LIMITED time, you can get EVERYTHING included in the Workaction for $5,000 AUD

Is it worth $5,000? 

Well, let me ask you this. 

How much will you save in fees of outsourcing this $10,000 each staff member maybe?

Plus the cost of lost downtime of finding and replacing staff.

And what would it be worth to you to add an extra 6-figures from leveraging your human capital? 

Or 7-figures? 

Would you pay $5,000 to make $100,000? 

To make a $1,000,000? (I sure hope so.)

That's the potential you're walking away from if you miss this event

Now for the practical. 

My events are KNOWN for their first-class networking. 

If you walked away from the event with one new client OR one new joint venture opportunity OR one more affiliate relationship, do you think THAT would more than pay for your ticket?

So are you ready to start attracting, retaining and maximising top class human capital for your business so you can and having vacation doing it!

Learn from a multi-awarded business owner, expert trainer and top figure in the recruitment industry, Jade Green, who has helped her clients make millions leveraging the human capital in their business. 

For the first time ever, Jade will show you the trade secrets, normally only talked about in high-level recruitment firms and Fortune 500 companies that guarantees you will get the right people you need to develop fast growth of your business. You will develop the exact systems and strategies that you need to attract, retain and maximising staff so you can gain the momentum that your business needs, leveraging true human capital.

Jade Green has built million-dollar businesses for herself and her clients using the VERY SYSTEMS SHE WILL CREATE WITH YOU at the Workation, handing you the keys, so you can implement this proven system into your very own business - EASILY and EFFECTIVELY.

All you have to do is follow Jade’s STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEMS that she will help you to tailor into your business, to see the exception results in the culture of your business, plus more productivity and profit.

Jade WALKS THE WALK having helped businesses from all industries create higher performance, increased profitability and happier humans.

I want to make this very clear. This opportunity is not for everyone. 

Yes, this is a Workation and I am serious about the vacation aspect. 

Getting you to relax and re-energise is vital to the success of the program. 

But I am also serious about the profits in your business and utilising human capital to drive them.
So please, if you’re not willing to make this opportunity work, to put the effort into your business now to reap the rewards later, please don’t apply. I’ll be too busy helping genuine business owners succeed.

Also, it is important to understand, that this Workation is a non-refundable investment in your business and yourself. 
I trust that you will make well thought out decision.

Please note you are responsible for booking and purchasing your own flights to and from Bali around the A | R | M Workation dates. 

Check in is on Wednesday 19th September and Check out on Thursday 27th September.
Here's why you should take action right now...
It boils down to this... If you close this page and do nothing... then you'll be no better off.

You'll still be frustrated and overwhelmed attracting talent, churning over the staff you have... or even trying failing each time you try to improve your businesses culture and employee loyalty.

And I'm sure you'd agree... unless you find a solution soon, you'll still be confused and guilt-ridden about being able to take your business to the next level, growing your productivity and profit, correct?

That's not what you want.

You're better than that.

You don't want to be complaining about the same problems in 6 months, 2-years, 5-years from now, right?

And you wouldn't want to miss out on increasing your profits, would you?

Look, many people before you have succeeded in increasing their businesses success by leveraging human capital... and so can you.

And you know what?

At some point, they all faced the same decision you face now.

And that is - To take action - or not.

And guess what?

Success goes to the action takers!

We both know that.

So... to join the growing number of my clients who are now enjoying fast growth and expansion by attracting talent, retaining staff, maximising productivity and profits… get in touch now.

Yes, it's a tiny investment in comparison to the mammoth benefits you'll get.

And opportunities to grow your business AND have a hell of a fun time doing it with experiences that everyone’s holiday dreams are made of, don’t come along often do they?

As this is an intimate event where I work hands on to co-create, spots are extremely limited.

So you can email me directly at or give me a call by clicking on that big button below to book a time.

Looking forward to chatting with you soon.

Live | Love | Laugh | Lead

If you are not sure if you can make the dates or if you really need this Workation, book a call so we can chat about your options!
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